Instant yeast - "El panificador"

Instant yeast - "El panificador"


This product it is a great alternative for making bread

It consist of small grains in 500 gr, vacumm sealed package, with only 5% of water content.

It is easy to use, does not require refrigeration, high fermentation power, as its best: it requires 3rd times what you usually use of fresh yeast.

Save money with the same spectacular everyday bread 


It must be apply direct on bread flour, away from salt and margarine.

Then, make bread normally as you currently do.

Just make sure that the dough it is properly hydrated accoriding to your needs; as this yeast has less water already you might need to put on some more in order to obtain an optimum gluten. 

Vacumm package x 500gr per unit.
Carton box x 20 units.
Useful Life: 
2 years storage in a fresh and dry place. Once opened consume as soon as posible. Close the package and use within the next 10 days.
El Panificador - Santillana